Psst... it takes a village!

With huge projects like this, and especially in keeping with the themes of the series, I think it's incredibly important to recognize that I did NOT do this alone! So many people have supported the birthing of this project, and I want to take a moment to recognize them.

First of all, of course all of the speakers have given of their time, expertise and energy. I’m so appreciative of them, because obviously this wouldn’t be here without them!

Now, to thank all the behind the scenes people and organizations who you wouldn't know about otherwise...

Pop Up Archive sponsored 10 hours of auto-transcription, supporting the accessibility of the interviews. We popped in the audio of the interviews, and Pop Up Archive would pop out auto-transcription in minutes, which we would then comb through and use for captions and transcriptions. I so appreciate their support of making the series more accessible!

Dortha Hise coordinates with speakers and is your go to person for all the practical functioning of the site. (Email her at with any technical difficulties!) Dortha and her team specialize in rescuing their clients out of overwhelm. She's a business owner who supports the LGBTQ+ community and you can check out her virtual assistance website here.

Sophie Macklin, an anti-capitalist, feminist money coach, has been a vital support for me in the past year in navigating how to do business in a way that feels deeply in alignment with my radical politics and values. Check out her work here.

Raechel Anne Jolie has been doing amazing work with the captioning, transcriptions, social media and savvy feminist contextualization. Check out her Feminist Killjoy, PhD podcast here and her own website here.

Kelly Diels, a brilliant feminist marketing consultant, massaged the copy with me, giving me hope and fortification around presenting the series. She leads a Feminist Marketing School which you can check out here.

Rebecca Woodmass protected the site from future hacking (which unfortunately happened before she stepped in). Queer, gender nonconforming woman-owned web design company? Yes please! Go to her for all your web design needs.

Amy Walsh coached me in my own creative process, which birthed a new way of presenting the series through mini body-based videos. She also created the amazing graphics of the speakers. Check out her "Bureau of Tactical Imagination" here.

Ije Ude and Samia Abou-Samra, the leaders for Turtle Tank (an incubator for Radical Entrepreneurs anywhere), and that community, are blowing open my mind about the possibility of doing work differently at a core level. Check out their work here.

Gratitude for a small, (now) peer-led group of people who have all been building our online businesses for the last 2.5 years, and especially those who were along for the ride of making our own online series together last year.  We definitely can’t do this work alone.

SO MANY Queer Body Love volunteers have spent many hours working on tidying up the captions and transcripts.

Whew! I feel honored and so grateful to have had such amazing support in making this happen. I highly recommend all of these people if you or anybody you know needs what they offer.