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How do we love ourselves,
our bodies and each other
in the face of oppression?

video interviews with queer & trans leaders
exploring this essential question

This is the big question in my life these days, and I know I’m not alone -- which is why I’ve invited queer and trans leaders to share their thoughts and practices with us in this year’s Queer Body Love Speaker Series.

I'm Elizabeth Cooper, and I host this online speaker series around Pride month each year. The 2017 Queer Body Love Speaker Series consists of 30-60 minute, pre-recorded video interviews with queer and trans leaders from around the world exploring this essential question.

Personal and spiritual development in the Western world often tries to forget that we are humans living in bodies in society. And… we are humans living in bodies in relationship to other people. Our cultures and the systems we live in affect how we see ourselves and literally how we feel in our bodies.

It makes sense if you’re struggling with really experiencing your own, embodied sense of self worth. Most mainstream cultures teach us to de-value our authentic selves.

And there is another way.

Choosing self-love isn’t an individualistic endeavor. We need each other. We need to hear and know that we are not alone in the struggle to love ourselves. We need possibility models, hope, inspiration and practical ideas and tools to support us in really committing to self-love.

That’s why I’m so excited to share these amazing interviews with you. It’s time to explore what it really means to take pride in all parts of ourselves. It’s time for us to learn from each other how we CAN love our ourselves and each other in the face of oppression -- and through it, to the other side.

You are so worthy. Let us show you how you too can believe that.

About your host, Elizabeth Cooper 

Elizabeth Cooper is a Queer Body Love coach, an artist and a guide. She hosts the annual Queer Body Love Speaker Series each summer around Pride Month. Elizabeth coaches private clients, lead group courses and workshops, and facilitates retreats so that you can learn to live and embody your own liberation. She lives in a 13 person queer collective in San Francisco, travels to present her work, and works virtually with clients all over the world.

After growing up in Japan and Brazil, Elizabeth moved to the Bay Area to make queer, experimental performance art. She studied Anthropology, Gender & Sexuality Studies and Dance at Princeton University and has completed immersive, residential programs at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Massachusetts and Antioch Buddhist Studies Program in India. She blends her academic background in cultural politics of the body, feminism and queer theory with her passion for the power of movement and meditation in her Queer Body Love coaching business. She loves helping you feel at home and beautiful in yourself, your body and your communities.

“Elizabeth is really, really awesome. I just felt like she got it, she got me, even with such a difficult, sensitive, nuanced topic as thoughts/feelings around body image. She’s positive, encouraging, and compassionate.”

— Adalyn Naka


“Before, I would say “I love myself but I wish I was thinner.”
Today, I can proudly say that I love ALL the different bits of me (especially the parts I used to wish gone).
Before, I would get dressed as soon as I hopped out of a shower, dodging any reflective surfaces.
Today, I run late because I spend so much time air drying and winking at myself in the mirror.
Thanks to Elizabeth and her patient guidance, I feel whole and I have a strong foundation of respect for myself.”

— Monica Robles

About The Queer Body Love Speakers 

In the Queer Body Love Speaker Series, I wanted to interview people who critique the dominant paradigms -- and who envision a different possibility -- to share their lived experiences, wisdom, and questions. I reached out to people whom I want to influence our thinking about love, bodies and community. For these beautiful humans to share their messages for us to use as guideposts to orient as we choose the culture we want for ourselves.

Each speaker is walking their own path, and have agreed to share, openly and honestly with us, about questions that elude easy answers. They have been brave in sharing their thinking on these big questions with us, right now and right here. In conversation with these brilliant people, I encountered so many experiences, perspectives and wisdoms different than my own -- and that was thrilling.

Badass speakers: Ragen Chastain, Sonya Renee Taylor, Marcia Baczynski, Sinclair Sexsmith, Vivienne McMaster, Robin Wilson-Beattie, Vanessa Rochelle Lewis, Sam Dylan Finch, Dara Hoffman-Fox, Ashleigh Shackelford, Anna Kunnecke and Nick McArthur, Caleb Luna, M'kali-Hashiki, and Tabias Wilson.

These inspiring, provocative leaders thinkers will help us explore the big, deep, complex question...

"How do we love ourselves, our bodies and each other in the face of oppression?"

We’ll also be exploring the following questions:

  • How do you define personal and collective liberation?
  • What’s a specific way that oppression has snuck its way into your thinking and feeling?
  • How have you overcome that internalized oppression?
  • What inspired you to choose yourself? How did you do that?
  • Why is self-love important and political?
  • How does self-love relate to our relationship to other people?
  • What does our body have to do with all of this?
  • What’s a moment when you realized that your individual, embodied, lived experience is impacted by larger systems?
  • How has this knowledge impacted the way you live?

These interviews will show you a multitude of different ways of approaching self & body love  -- or rejecting it (!) -- so that you can explore your personal next steps towards agency and liberation.

My life is forever changed... It has opened me up to so many new ways of thinking, doing and being and I will be forever grateful. I have had a complete shift of consciousness in regard to my relationships with food, my body and my queer identity.

 -  Amy about the Queer Body Love Speaker Series 2016


Let’s choose love -- for ourselves, our bodies and each other.

My heart is so broken over the fact that people and systems have been engendering hate for so long. Practicing and teaching love and compassion is immediately essential. I think what you're doing is helping. You're creating loving and accepting community, and offering up so many ways to be love. So much of what I'm learning from the series is either reminding me of truths I had forgotten, or giving me new tools and inspiration to be better towards myself and within the world.

- LR about the Queer Body Love Speaker Series 2016

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Chose an amount that reflects what the interviews are worth to you and nourishes you. I extend my trust to you. Practice trusting yourself.

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I just want to say THANK YOU so much for this Queer Body Love Series. I'm recently new to coming into the LGBTQ community and exploring myself in this new way. Because of your talks... I've found so much understanding of what has been limiting me to step into myself more fully. -  Nik

This series has been AMAZING. All the genuine, passionate and compassionate interviewees that delivered their messages so articulately and authentically. I have looked forward to watching these interviews every day.
- Michelle V.

You are not alone. Let’s envision new possibilities together -- and love ourselves even in the face of oppression.

That’s a challenging yet thrilling prospect… and there’s something fundamentally hopeful about going there together. A different way of being is possible. We can make it. Together.

And that is why we’re asking ourselves -- and each other -- "How do we love ourselves, our bodies and each other in the face of oppression?"

And of course it can be intimidating to even look towards the ways in which we hurt ourselves, our bodies and each other, let alone what love could look like. Personal and collective trauma has embedded itself and manifests in us and our relationships. It’s hard to unravel, and it can feel lonely to carry. Learning from each other helps. A lot.

The Queer Body Love Speaker Series is a beautiful opportunity to be part of intimate conversations, both from leaders in our communities and with each other. It’s about how we can choose ourselves. How you can choose yourself.

These interviews will challenge, inspire and change you.

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Let’s listen, learn and work through it together, as individuals and a community.

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Psst… it takes a village!

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