Do you want to feel comfortable and confident in your body, stop worrying about food, and connect with others from a place of genuine self love?

Choosing love is easier said than done, particularly when we don’t fit the norm in different ways. There are real dangers to living in our bodies. And, there are ways that we can ALL take that next best step for us in taking care of and loving our bodies.

The Queer Body Love Speaker Series will help you choose love. These 29 interviews with amazing speakers pioneering radically new ways of being with our bodies and ourselves will help give you stories, ideas and inspiration to step into a deeper sense of self-love, wherever you are on that journey. The series centers and speaks to the experience of queer and trans folks, and is also open to those who consider themselves allies.

During the Queer Body Love Speakers Series in June and July 2016, 31 experts shared stories, inspiration, and tools for your journey of radical self love. We covered a wide range of topics, including food, fashion, health, fitness, body image, disability and sex.

Click here to see the list of speakers.

These interviews will support you to:

  • Feel comfortable and confident in your own skin
  • Feel peaceful about food
  • Have amazing sex
  • Navigate the healthcare system to get your needs met
  • Connect with others from a place of self love
  • Find a fitness mindset that will work for you
  • Ask for and receive support from others
  • Play with fashion as a tool of empowerment
  • Look in the mirror at yourself and smile

As one listener wrote, “I want to listen to these videos over and over and over… it feels like freedom.”

I want to offer you that freedom, so I’m excited to offer you the whole series -- 29 inspiring interviews -- available for download on a pay what you want basis. You will be able to download a folder with the audio, video and transcripts for each one so you can listen to them over and over and over again!

The series is invaluable for anybody living in a body who wants to treat it
(and yourself) with more love and respect.


  • The closed Queer Body Love Facebook Group
  • A free body love meditation
  • Weekly love letters from me

Pay What You Want

That’s right – pay what you want.

Why am I offering these amazing interviews Pay What You Want?

A few reasons:

  1. I love them and I want you to have them. I want every single person who wants them to be able to have them, regardless of economic situation.
  2. I believe in this work so much, and I want it to have as big an impact as possible through getting to as wide an audience as possible.
  3. I invite you to tap into your own DESIRE for stepping into radical self love. That's why I say Pay What You Want, not Pay What You Can. I invite you to step into the vulnerability of that desire, and the vulnerability of this exchange of me offering you something that's so near and dear to me. Pick an amount that will help you feel accountable to actually listening to the interviews and that feels good to you based on where you are financially. I am so grateful for you engaging in this process of inquiry.  It can bring up guilt or shame. None of that. This is my gift to you. I invite you to give me the pleasure of receiving it.

You deserve to feel ease and confidence in your body. And I believe these interviews will help you get there.

So whether you want to pay $5, $100, a million dollars, or anything in between, it’s totally up to you.  Every dollar goes straight back into creating more revolutionary Queer Body Love goodies for you beautiful humans, so all of your beautiful contributions go to supporting this work. And even the smallest amount means the world to me. I know, see and honor that for some folks, a single dollar is a lot. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for whatever you give.

Thank you so much in advance for supporting my work.

- Elizabeth Cooper

I just want to say THANK YOU  so much for this month long Queer Body Love Series. I'm recently new to coming into the LGBTQ community and exploring myself in this new way. Because of your talks... I've found so much understanding of what has been limiting me to step into myself more fully. I feel like I have a vocabulary now in a community that feels so vast and variant and new. This is all so exciting for me to explore and feeling like the "newbie" has its challenges so thank you for providing so many amazing resources, people and tools to let this unfolding be a bit more easeful!


My heart is so broken over the fact that people and systems have been engendering hate for so long. Practicing and teaching love and compassion is immediately essential. I think what you're doing is helping. You're creating loving and accepting community, and offering up so many ways to be love. So much of what I'm learning from the series is either reminding me of truths I had forgotten, or giving me new tools and inspiration to be better towards myself and within the world.


This series has been AMAZING. All the genuine, passionate and compassionate interviewees that delivered their messages so articulately and authentically. I have looked forward to watching these interviews every day and, although I will miss them, I acknowledge the transformation in my thinking and feelings about my own body and the bodies of others. Elizabeth, you have taken us on an incredible journey with all your expertise, love, warmth, and positivity, and with the added bonus of your infectious smile. You have given your viewers a most precious gift. Thank you so much.

Michelle V.

My life is forever changed because of this experience. It has opened me up to so many new ways of thinking, doing and being and I will be forever grateful. I have had a complete shift of consciousness in regard to my relationships with food, my body and my queer identity.