How do we love ourselves, our bodies and each other in the face of oppression?

This is the big question in my life these days, and I’m not alone -- which is why I’m inviting queer and trans leaders to share their thoughts and practices with us in this year’s Queer Body Love Speaker Series.

I'm Elizabeth Cooper, and this is an online summit I host each summer. The Queer Body Love Speaker Series consists of 30-40 minute, pre-recorded video interviews with queer and trans leaders from around the world exploring this essential question.


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While you wait for this year's, feel free to check out the 2016 Queer Body Love Speaker Series 2016. Testimonials below.

I just want to say THANK YOU  so much for this month long Queer Body Love Series. I'm recently new to coming into the LGBTQ community and exploring myself in this new way. Because of your talks... I've found so much understanding of what has been limiting me to step into myself more fully. I feel like I have a vocabulary now in a community that feels so vast and variant and new. This is all so exciting for me to explore and feeling like the "newbie" has its challenges so thank you for providing so many amazing resources, people and tools to let this unfolding be a bit more easeful!


My heart is so broken over the fact that people and systems have been engendering hate for so long. Practicing and teaching love and compassion is immediately essential. I think what you're doing is helping. You're creating loving and accepting community, and offering up so many ways to be love. So much of what I'm learning from the series is either reminding me of truths I had forgotten, or giving me new tools and inspiration to be better towards myself and within the world.


This series has been AMAZING. All the genuine, passionate and compassionate interviewees that delivered their messages so articulately and authentically. I have looked forward to watching these interviews every day and, although I will miss them, I acknowledge the transformation in my thinking and feelings about my own body and the bodies of others. Elizabeth, you have taken us on an incredible journey with all your expertise, love, warmth, and positivity, and with the added bonus of your infectious smile. You have given your viewers a most precious gift. Thank you so much.

Michelle V.

My life is forever changed because of this experience. It has opened me up to so many new ways of thinking, doing and being and I will be forever grateful. I have had a complete shift of consciousness in regard to my relationships with food, my body and my queer identity.